For Successfull Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in Cambridge

Whether you want to stop having a phobia, be more confident, stop smoking, lose weight, stop feeling anxious or fearful, or…..,or…….,or…(you fill in the blank) we can assist you in as quickly as 2-3 sessions.

We are 3 Master Hypnotherapists & Hypnotists and have over 25 years of experience of successfully working with clients.
Imagine what life would be like for you to be free of your problems and the way you feel right now.
We pride ourselves in having developed a wonderful and unique way of therapy that has helped so many people enjoy life live and be free of their issues.
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One of the reasons we are so successful with our clients is that we always offer a no risk, complimentary consultation. This lasts for approx. 20 minutes and allows you to feel totally comfortable we are right for you.
There is an enormous amount of information on this website if you need further help in deciding whether to contact us for an initial consultation or to simply ask us a question.
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Unlike many who have great words, we offer the simple truth

We are totaly confident we can help you, although if you expect us to wave a magic wand and you’re sorted then you may well be dissapointed ~ we are great hypnotherapists not magicians.

Having said that we have seen our clients, with a little help from us, make magical changes to their lives from letting go of 15 years of clinical depression in 3 sessions, letting go of addictons to alcohol and drugs in 2 and 3 sessions and so many more examples as our testimonial pages show. In fact we very rarely see clients for more than 3 sessions.

If you want to change the way you feel quickly & comfortably,
whilst being understood and supported,
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You deserve it!!!

Anxiety & Depression


If you are feeling anxious, sad or depressed about yourself, your work, your relationships and need a little more reassurance how we can help you ~ quickly and easily
Click here to see our Hypnotherapy for Anxiety page
here for our Hypnotherapy for Depression page


Stopping Smoking


I can’t believe I can break your habit and give up smoking in just one session.”
That’s what our clients thought before working with us. Yes stopping smoking takes only one session.
Click here to see our Hypnotherapy for Stopping and Quitting Smoking page if you need some more information before you decide to stop.
These are some of the most common issues our clients overcame with our special help:


Phobias & Fears


If you have a phobia or fear we have developed a comfortable & quick way to change without ever needing to regress or remember those horrible things again
Click here to see our Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears .

Joseph Clough as feautured on “The Fear Factor” on ITV.




I drink a little too drink too much, gamble, take drugs, comfort eat or over eat or binge, nail bite, even to OCD (obsessive compulisive disorder). It doesn’t have to be that way any moreClick here to see our Hypnotherapy for Addictions page.
Joseph Clough as feautured on “The Fear Factor” on ITV.